Literature Connection

  • How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

    Concepts:  Productive Resources, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Interdependence, Specialization, Trade & Money

    Making an apple pie is usually easy for the young baker except when the market is closed and no ingredients can be bought. The reader is taken on a journey around the world to find the finest ingredients to make a delicious apple pie.
  • Ice Cream: The Cold Creamy Treat

    Concepts:  Consumers, Goods & Services, Market

    This simple book is all about ice cream.   Millions of people like ice cream, and it is eaten in many different ways. More ice cream is eaten in the United States than anywhere else in the world. One third of all American families eat a gallon of ice cream every two weeks! Learn more about this special treat!

  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake

    Concepts:  Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Opportunity Cost, Scarcity

    Chaos is the order of the day when an accommodating little girl tries to keep up with the whims of a busy little pig.

  • ISAAC The Ice Cream Truck

    Concepts:  Specialization, Capital Resources, Economic Wants, Goods & Services

    Isaac the Ice Cream Truck doesn't feel as important as all the other trucks that provide goods and services for the community. But one day, he provides cooling ice cream for the hot and tired firemen who have put out a fire in the building.

  • It Takes a Village

    Concepts:  Interdependence, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Producers, Consumers, Trade & Money, Specialization, Market

    Yemi watches her little brother during the market day in a small village in Benin. At the end of the day, she realizes the role of each specialized member of the village in raising a child.

  • Jennie's Hat

    Concepts:  Goods & Services, Economic Wants, Natural Resources

    Jennie wants a big flowery hat as a present. When she receives a plain hat, she tries to create her own hat using goods from her home. Still not satisfied, Jennie receives help from the birds to get the hat she wished for.

  • Just a Dream

    Concepts:  Natural Resources, Scarcity

    Walter believes the future is going to be wonderful-filled with robots and other amazing inventions. When he falls asleep, his wish comes true. But the world Walter sees is not exactly what he imagined.

  • Just Shopping With Mom

    Concepts:  Economic Wants, Goods and Services, Scarcity

    In this humorous story, a mother goes shopping with her three kids.  The little girl wants to buy everything in sight. They pass by the bakery, the pet store, the toy store, the dress store, and finally the ice cream shop. The mother buys a dress for the little girl and they all go home and eat ice cream.

  • Katy and the Big Snow

    Concepts:  Goods & Services, Capital Resources, Productivity

    Katy the red crawler tractor could do a lot of tasks – in all types of weather. Things were a bit slow one winter day in Geoppolis, when all of a sudden the “big snow” hits town.  Who will help all the people, businesses, and government agencies in their distress? Katy, of course! Follow her around the city as she digs a path in the deep snow.

  • Leah's Pony

    Concepts:  Price, Economic Wants, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Supply & Demand

    This Depression Era story paints a realistic picture of the hard life of American farm families during the l930s.  Leah decides to sell her beloved pony in order to raise enough money to help her family keep their farm. The day of the farm auction arrives - what will happen to all of Mama and Papa's prize possessions?