Literature Connection

  • Round and Round the Money Goes

    Concepts:  Trade & Money

    The very informative book gives a brief history of the development of money and explains how it is used in our economy. Follow the movement of money - in earning, saving, spending and giving - in a clear and simple way. Terms such as interest, saving, and credit cards are explained. In addition, learn how money - both paper and metal - is made.  The currencies of other countries are also identified.

  • Rumble, Grumble, Gurgle, Roar

    Concepts:  Economic Wants

    This lesson is about wants. Little Penguin is hungry and she wants to eat. This story is about how Little Penguin tries to get what she wants.

  • Rumplestiltskin's Daughter

    Concepts:  Goods & Services, Economic Wants, Producers, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Scarcity, Trade & Money

    Rumpelstiltskin's daughter outwits the greedy king, who tries to get her to spin straw into gold just as her father once did. In the end, she helps a troubled community overcome their economic problems created by the king.

  • Sam and the Lucky Money

    Concepts:  Scarcity, Goods & Services

    Sam can't wait to go shopping in Chinatown with his mom. He has his traditional gift of "lucky money" to spend - any way he chooses! But when Sam realizes he doesn't have enough money to purchase the things he wants, his excitement turns to disappointment. His mother reminds him that he should appreciate his gift, although Sam is not convinced - until he has a surprise encounter with a poor stranger.

  • Saturday Market

    Concepts:   Market, Goods & Services, Producers, Consumers, Supply & Demand, Price

    Sellers from near and far arrive at the market before dawn on Saturday. There are trucks, carts, and donkeys loaded with beautiful rebozos, fiery chile peppers, comfortable huaraches, squawking parrots, fine rugs, flowers, etc. The sellers work all day, hoping to sell all their wares and drive away with empty trucks.

  • Saturday Sancocho

    Concepts:  Trade & Money, Goods & Services, Economic Wants, Producers, Consumers, Market

    Making chicken sancocho is a traditional Saturday treat for Maria Lili. But when Papa announces one morning that there is no money for sancocho, Maria Lili and her grandmother go to market to barter for the ingredients.

  • Sky Boys

    Concepts:  Productive Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Natural Resources, Productivity

    The Empire State Building was built in 1931, during the Great Depression. Follow the construction of this amazing building through the eyes of a young boy as he watches the daring construction workers, the “Sky Boys,” working hundreds of feet above the ground.

  • Sold!

    Concepts:  Price, Supply & Demand, Scarcity

    A boy goes with his father to an auction one day. An irritating moth causes the boy to bid and purchase - far more than his allowance can stand, but alls well that ends well when he discovers that one of his inadvertent purchases is a painting by none other than Vincent Van Gogh!

  • Something Special for Me

    Concepts: Consumers, Saving, Economic Wants, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost

    Rosa's mother and grandmother decide to let her shop for her own birthday present from the jar of money they had saved. Rosa had trouble deciding what to buy until she heard some accordion music.

  • Steel Town

    Concepts:  Productive Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Specialization

    Every day, men trudge down into the blazing hot steel mills in this imaginary town during the early part of the 20th century – when hot dogs were only $.05!  This gritty, yet poetic, book describes the tough men and huge machines that night and day produce steel from iron ore. When the men go home at night, another side of Steel Town is revealed - one of music, families, neighbors, corner cafés, churches, and front porches.