Herschel DVDs


Herschel is a feisty little puppet dog. He thinks he knows a lot about economics, but as it turns out, he has a lot to learn. Thankfully, Dr. Day comes to the rescue. Dr. Day teaches Herschel all about basic economic concepts.

About Herschel's World of Economics©

Elementary age students will be charmed by Herschel, a feisty little puppet dog who thinks he knows a lot about economics, but still has a lot to learn. Dr. Day comes to the rescue and helps Herschel learn about important economic concepts identified in national and state standards. Welcome to Herschel’s World of Economics©!

Price: $25.00 per DVD   Reduced to $9.50 per DVD

Herschel is available on 2 DVDs:

The original Herschel’s World of Economics contains six 10 minute programs.

Herschel's World Vol 1.


The second DVD, Herschel Goes into Business has five 9 minute programs.

Herschel's World Vol 2.


In each program, key economic terms are clearly displayed for your students.  If you’re looking for a way to teach basic economics to elementary students, look no farther. Your students will love Herschel and you will enjoy using this curriculum with your students!


Supplemental materials

Teacher's Guide: Each DVD has a link to an easy-to-use Teacher's Guide which you can download in PDF format.

Herschel Puppet: There is now a Herschel hand puppet you can order and use with your students! And there are also puppet teaching ideas you can download from this web site