Activities & Games

Our posters lay out economic concepts pretty well, but you may need a little extra help when it comes to really getting the concepts through to your students. For that, we've created a number of activities and games that are sure to get your students excited and involved in their learning. While they're having so much fun with the games, they might not even realize they're learning.

Economic Concept 

The Economic Concept Notecards are a unique way to share your appreciation of economic literacy. These student-illustrated notecards feature creative images of economic concepts. Each pack of Economic Concept Notecards contains 10 cards (4" x 5.5") - 2 of each concept. Great for any occasion!

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Activity Cards

If you're looking for an effective - and motivating - way to reinforce the 22 KidsEcon PostersĀ© economic concepts, then the KidsEcon PostersĀ© Activity Cards are for you! Each deck consists of 88 sturdy economic concept cards (four for each concept) and six special "wild cards" (four Econ Ed cards and two Econ Edna cards).

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Economic Songs

Economic Songs provide illustrations and explanations of the concepts set to familiar tunes. We provide the words and the tune. the rest is up to you and your students.

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KidsEcon Bingo Game

Reinforce poster concepts using the KidsEcon PostersĀ© Bingo Game. Each Bingo Game comes with teacher instructions, 23 colorful poster concept cards, 30 student Bingo cards, 800 markers, and one blank student card that the teacher can use to modify the game

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Herschel Puppet

Students will love seeing you use this new 12" hand puppet of Herschel to reinforce the six lessons in the Herschel's World of economics DVD! In fact, why not let the students use the puppet to teach one another?

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