Apples for Life

Students will learn in this beautifully illustrated book what it takes to produce delicious apples - from tree to finished apples and apple products. The kinds of capital goods that are used are amazing - from honeybee crates to helicopters!

Interested in using this resource in your classroom? Check out the posters that go along with this book: Human Resources, Productive Resources, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Producers.

Comprehensive Questions

Are apples considered a good or service?

A good

What capital resource was used to keep the deer from eating the young apple trees?

Soap! Normally, soap is a consumer good we use in our homes, but in the story, the soap is a capital good - a man-made item used to produce apples.

What small capital resource does the farmer use to make the branches spread out and make nicely shaped trees?

Clothes pins. Like the soap, clothes pins are normally a consumer good.

Why are bees important for growing apples? Are they a capital resource?

The bees help pollinate the apples. No – bees are a natural resource.

What capital resource do apple farmers use to attract bees?

Wooden boxes, which function as beehives.

What kinds of capital resources do apple farmers use to keep the air warm so the apple blossoms and tiny apples don’t freeze?

Diesel powered wind machines, helicopters, and oil heaters.

The author says that using a helicopter is “costly.” What does this mean?

It means that the farmer must pay a lot of money to use helicopters to warm his fields.

Why would a farmer use costly helicopters to warm his apple orchard?

If the weather is really cold and threatens the apple crop, it makes sense to spend a lot of money on a helicopter. Losing the entire crop would cost the farmer even more!

What are other examples of capital resources in the story?

Cutting machine, apple picking bags, apple crates for shipping apples, apple warehouse, forklift for carrying crates of apples, trucks, etc.

What large, complex capital resource is used to produce apple cider?

A special machine that cuts and presses apples, saving the seeds and skins.

What kinds of goods are made from apples? (See p.32.)

Apple butter, vinegar, applesauce, apple juice, cider, apple pie, candy apples.

Although we have concentrated on capital resources needed to produce apples in this lesson, what are some of the natural resources that are needed?

Sunshine, farmland, bees, water

Author: Alan Zepeda
Illustrator: Nancy Glon
Published: 1996
Publisher: Evangel Press