Beatrice's Goat

In this lesson from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, students listen to a story about Beatrice, a little girl from Uganda, who receives a goat and the impact of that goat on her family. They learn what it means to save and use estimation to decide whether or not people have enough money to reach a savings goal. They also work through a set of problems requiring that they identify how much additional money people must save to reach their goals. Students learn what opportunity cost is and identify the opportunity costs of savings decisions made by Beatrice and her family.

Featured concepts include Income, Opportunity Cost, Saving

Full Lesson, Whiteboard and Discussion Questions
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Beatrices Goat by Page McBrier Illustrated by Loriohstoeter

Author: Page McBrier

Illustrator: Lori Lohstoeter

Published: 2004 (Paperback)

Reading Level: 4

Grade Level: K-3

Accelerated Reader Level/Points: 0.5

Lexile Measure: 640L

Publisher: Aladdin Publishing (Simon and Schuster)