ISAAC The Ice Cream Truck

Isaac the Ice Cream Truck doesn't feel as important as all the other trucks that provide goods and services for the community. But one day, he provides cooling ice cream for the hot and tired firemen who have put out a fire in the building.

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Comprehension Questions

What is Isaac's job?

Delivering ice cream to people of the city.

List all the other community workers in the story.

Answers may vary construction workers, truck drivers, movers, highway workers, street cleaners, garbage collectors, firemen.

Identify each worker's area of specialization. Do they provide goods or services?

Answers may vary:

Community Workers Specialization Specialization

construction workers build houses goods

truck drivers deliver cars service

moving van drivers help move people's things service

highway workers build roads good

produce deliverymen deliver fruits and vegetables from a farm both goods and services

street cleaners help keep the streets clean service

garbage collectors pick up garbage service

firefighters put out fires service

Explain the importance of having so many different types of "trucks" in a community.

Each truck provided a specialized service. The result was interdependence in the community.

Isaac wished he could be a more important truck, but in the end, he was happy. Describe how even selling ice cream was very important.

Isaac provided a delicious good to the firemen when they were hot and tired from putting out 

Author: Scott Santoro
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company