Jennie's Hat

Jennie wants a big flowery hat as a present. When she receives a plain hat, she tries to create her own hat using goods from her home. Still not satisfied, Jennie receives help from the birds to get the hat she wished for.

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Comprehension Questions

Identify the good Jennie wanted as a present from her aunt.

A big, flowery hat.

What good did Jennie receive?

A plain hat.

List the goods Jennie used to try more interesting hats?

A straw basket, lampshade, little flower pot, a TV antenna, and a shiny pan.

What service did Jennie provide to the birds?

She fed the birds every Saturday afternoon.

Was Jennie paid for her services?


What are some examples of services that people are usually paid for?

Teaching, haircuts, lawn mowing, police protection, nursing care, etc.

Describe the good that Jennie wanted and wished for out loud.

A fancier hat.

Explain how Jennie received the fancier hat (good) she wanted.

The birds carried items and placed them on Jennie's hat.

Identify the natural resources the birds placed on Jennie's hat.

Red and violet flowers, leaves, colored eggs, red and yellow roses, and the nest.

Author: Ezra Jack Keats
Reading Level: 2.9
Grade Level: K-2
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Viking Children's Books, Puffin