Just a Dream

Walter believes the future is going to be wonderful-filled with robots and other amazing inventions. When he falls asleep, his wish comes true. But the world Walter sees is not exactly what he imagined.

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Comprehension Questions

List all the natural resources that Walter sees while watching Rose watering a tree that had just been planted in the yard.

Land, trees, clean air, dirt, water.

Identify the natural resources that are scarce when Walter visits the future.

Land, trees, animals, clean air.

Describe how Walter's dream changed his behavior.

When the world in the future was so displeasing to Walter, he decided he needed to take more time to protect the environment.

List ways that Walter helped to save the environment.

Cleaned up trash, recycled aluminum, planted a tree.

Identify the natural resource that Walter thought was his best birthday present?

A tree.

Author: Chris Van Allsburg
Published: 1990
Reading Level: 3.4
Grade Level: K-4
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin