Literature Connection

A Busy Day at the Factory

Concepts: Productivity, Capital Resources, Specialization, Human Resources.

Mabel, the quality inspector, keeps a lookout to make sure that everything is running smoothly in the candy factory. The workers work on assigned jobs. The machine they use can wrap 278 toffees in a minute. The specialization of labor and the machinery lead to higher productivity. However, there are times when the production process does not work as smoothly as desired.

A Chair for my Mother

Concepts: Saving, Consumers, Economic Wants, Goods & Services640

A young girl, her mother, and her grandmother lost all of their belongings in a house fire. Generous friends, neighbors, and family replaced many things, but they still had no soft comfortable chair. They all placed their coins in a large jar for a long time until they saved enough money to buy a beautiful chair to share.

A Dollar for Penny

Concepts: Price, Goods & Services, Trade & Money, Producers

Penny sells lemonade at her lemonade stand for one penny. As she sells each cup, the price goes up. Eventually, she earns a dollar to buy a birthday card for her mother.

Interested in using this resource in your classroom? Check out the posters that go along with this book: Price, Goods & Services, Trade & Money, Producers.

A Money Adventure

Concepts: Investing, Productive Resources, Profit

Join the Green$treet$ Kids as they start their own business. Using their savings and other resources, the kids open a KID Pops stand and learn in the process all the ins and outs of operating a business. Find out if their business is success!

A New Coat for Anna

Concepts: Trade & Money, Productivity, Productive Resources, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources

At the end of World War II, Anna needed a new winter coat, but her mother had no money. They use valuable things they own to barter for the goods and services needed to produce the coat.

Abuela's Weave

Concepts: Human Resources, Market, Productive Resources, Supply & Demand

Esperanza and her grandmother, her Abuela, work hard at their weaving to produce goods for the market in a nearby Guatemalan town. Will they get done in time? Will they produce beautiful items that people will buy - especially since the items sold by other vendors were produced on machines? Find out what happens on market day!

Agathas Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story

Concepts: Natural Resources, Goods & Services, Economic Wants, Productive Resources, Capital Resources, Human Resources

Agatha is disrupted by six cranky, cold, naked geese. They want to discuss the source of the feathers that are keeping her warm in her brand new feather bed. Agatha arrives at a solution and finally understands that:

"Everything comes from something,
Nothing comes from nothing.
Just like paper comes from trees,
And glass comes from sand,
An answer comes from a question.
All you have to do is ask."

Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday

Concepts: Saving, Economic Wants, Scarcity, Goods & Services, Investing

Alexander had a dollar last Sunday, but he just can't seem to hang on to it. Follow Alexander through the week as he makes many poor spending decisions, resulting in his not saving anything!

Ant Cities

Concepts: Interdependence, Specialization, Trade and Money

This book explains how ants work together to survive in their ant cities. The book describes the different tasks that each ant does in the ant city. Your students will learn many interesting facts about ants, including how to make a simple "ant farm!"

Apple Farmer Annie

Concepts: Producers, Market, Goods and Services

Apple Farmer Annie

Annie is an apple farmer who works hard to gather apples and prepare delicious dishes. Once she has made cider, pies, muffins, and cakes, she ventures into the city to sell her products at a stand. After she has sold everything, she retires home for the evening. This is an excellent book for primary students.