Literature Connection

Steel Town

Concepts: Productive Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Specialization

Every day, men trudge down into the blazing hot steel mills in this imaginary town during the early part of the 20th century – when hot dogs were only $.05! This gritty, yet poetic, book describes the tough men and huge machines that night and day produce steel from iron ore. When the men go home at night, another side of Steel Town is revealed - one of music, families, neighbors, corner cafés, churches, and front porches.

Stock Market Pie

Concepts: Market, Investing, Saving

As Grandma makes an apple pie with her granddaughter, Emily, she explains all the ins and outs of stocks and the stock market. This cleverly illustrated and highly informative book is perfect for helping students to learn about a complicated subject in an amusing and motivating way. At the end, Emily learns about the “magic” of compounding – how the value of an investment of just $5 a week (assuming a 7.5% rate of growth) will earn $39,503 in 30 years! This is a powerful way to show students the power of saving regularly.

Stock Market Smart

Concepts: Market, Saving, Investing

In a very readable, question-answer format, your students will learn all about the stock market - what the stock market is, how it works, and how one can use it to build wealth for the future. Your students will learn a personal approach to investing based on personal, long and short-term goals. A glossary, list of a popular web site, and other references are included.

Sweet Potato Pie

Concepts: Producers, Productive Resources, Supply & Demand

Papa tells the family to come to the kitchen one morning to receive some bad news - the bank is about to take away the family farm unless Papa repays a $75 loan. Because of a severe drought, all the family had left was a crop of sweet potatoes. Through ingenuity and hard work, the family works together to bake and sell Mama’s special sweet potato pies at the Harvest Celebration Fair. But could they bake enough pies to save the farm?

Sweet Strawberries

Concepts: Market, Natural Resources, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Producers, Trade & Money (Bartering), Trade-offs

A man and wife visit the market each Saturday. They trade their fish for the goods they want.

Take Me Out to the Bat and Ball Factory

Concepts: Productive Resources, Goods & Services, Producers, Consumers, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Specialization, Interdependence, Productivity

Hank, the owner of a factory that produces bats and balls, takes the reader on a tour explaining how bats and balls are made, marked, and used.

Thank You, Mr. Falkner

Concepts: Specialization, Goods & Services, Interdependence

Trisha loves school until her inability in reading makes her feel dumb. Luckily, in the fifth grade, her teacher, Mr. Falker, uses his specialized skills to help her learn to read and overcome her problem.

The Babe and I

Concepts: Saving, Scarcity, Producers, Consumers, Price, Supply & Demand, Profit

During the Depression, a boy sells newspapers to make money for his family's savings. He sells the papers by the Yankee Stadium and is lucky enough to meet Babe Ruth.

The Berenstain Bears: The Trouble with Money

Concepts: Economic Wants, Scarcity, Income, Opportunity Cost

The Berenstain Bears notice that their cubs are constantly asking them for money. To help solve this problem, they begin to give the cubs an allowance. However, the cubs are still quickly spending all of their allowances. Mama and Papa Bear have an idea – to teach the cubs to write checks. Will this help solve the spending problem?

The Big Buck Adventure

Concepts: Consumers, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Price, Scarcity, Saving

In this rhyming story, a little girl has a difficult time in a large store deciding how to spend her one-dollar allowance. She also must make quite a few mental math calculations dealing with various coins as she makes this most difficult decision. What will she buy? Will she buy anything?