Literature Connection

The World in a Supermarket

Concepts: Interdependence, Goods & Services, Specialization, Trade & Money

This very simple, short book shows products that are produced in other countries.

The awful Aardvarks Shop for School

Concepts: Goods & Services, Money, Scarcity, Economic Wants

The aardvarks make a list of things they need for "Back to School." They go to the Shop-All-Day Mall to satisfy their economic wants.

To Market, To Market

Concepts: Goods & Services, Market, Economic Wants, Consumers

In this take-off of on an old nursery rhyme, To Market To Market, a woman goes to the market to buy all kinds of pet animals and vegetables. She ends up making a delicious soup for all her animal friends.

Tony's Bread

Concepts: Specialization, Goods & Services, Entrepreneur, Productive Resources

Tony dreams that one day he will become the most famous baker in all of northern Italy! He loves his precious daughter, Serafina, and thinks that no man is worthy of his daughter. Angelo, a wealthy nobleman from Milano, passes by Tony's bakery and sees Serafina. Suddenly, it appears that Angelo may have the answer to Tony's dreams.

Too Many Chickens

Concepts: Goods & Services, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Producers, Consumers

A simple classroom animal project turns Mrs. Kerr's class into a market full of goods. The students sell the goods and earn enough money to buy a small farm where all their class pets can live.


Concepts: Capital Resources, Goods & Services

This very simple reader introduces young students to the tools used in 18 different countries. From the French cook using a spatula to the Salvadoran fishermen mending nets, students will be fascinated with all the different types of tools that people use to produce goods and services.

Tops & Bottoms

Concepts: Opportunity Cost, Profit, Goods & Services, Entrepreneur, Producers

This humorous story illustrates the importance of hard work and shrewd business practices. Hare's family was hungry, with no land to raise a crop. Bear was lazy with plenty of farmable land. Hare proposes a deal to Bear: Hare will farm the land for half the crop - tops or bottoms. Bear is in for quite a surprise!

Trashy Town

Concepts: Goods & Services

Follow Mr. Gilly around town as he performs a valuable service - picking up trash from people in his community. What excellent work he does!

Uncle Jed's Barbershop

Concepts: Saving, Goods & Services, Entrepreneur, Opportunity Cost, Investing, Capital Resources

Sarah Jean's Uncle Jed has a dream. He saves his money and lives for the day when he can open his very own barbershop. But it is a long time, and there are many setbacks before the joyful day when Uncle Jed opens his shiny new shop.

Vision of Beauty

Concepts: Entrepreneur, Profit, Productive Resources

Sarah Breedlove, known as Madam Walker, was a successful, African-American entrepreneur. Born in 1867, she rose from bleak poverty in the south to develop a large company that provided beauty products for women, especially black women. Her success came not only from providing valuable products but also from focusing on giving her sales agents the opportunity to become successful and fulfill their own dreams. Madam Walker had a dream and made it a reality in her own life and the lives of others. She was especially revered in Indianapolis, where she spent much of her life.