Literature Connection

Walter the Baker

Concepts: Human Resources, Producers, Productive Resources, Consumers, Goods & Services

Walter is a famous baker who makes good things to eat. He solves a problem and invents a roll that the sun can shine through three times. The people are happy to have the baker and something new and wonderful.

Welcome to Our Farm

Concepts: Producers, Goods & Services, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Market

Bethany and Michael take you on a tour of their pig farm to show you how the pigs are raised before they are sent to market.

What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?

Concepts: Entrepreneur, Goods & Services, Human Resources, Specialization, Consumers, Profit

This is a brief and sometimes humorous life story of Ben Franklin, one of our most outstanding inventors, scientists, philosophers, and politicians. Students learn about all the many ideas and inventions of this famous American.

Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?

Concepts: Goods & Services, Economic Wants

A cheap rhinoceros is available for a house pet. Explore the many services a rhinoceros can provide around the house.

Why Money Was Invented

Concepts: Trade & Money, Scarcity, Goods & Services, Specialization

The bell is ringing - here comes Mr. Bear’s ice cream truck! Join the Green$treet$ Kids as they try to get some ice cream from Mr. Bear. In the process, they learn all about trade and money. Topics include why people trade, why trade is sometimes difficult, the history of money, characteristics of money, and different types of money. Do they end up getting the ice cream?

Working Cotton

Concepts: Human Resources, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Productivity

A young black girl describes a day working in the cotton fields of central California. Her migrant family works very hard to pick the cotton without using the help of advanced machinery.

Worm Gets a Job

Concepts: Specialization

Worm learns about an upcoming art contest that he is sure he can win. But he must earn some money quickly so he can buy a paint set! What can he do? Follow Worms adventures as he tries babysitting, housecleaning, delivering newspapers, and painting signs. In the end, worm learns what he does best to earn a living in his animal community.

Yard Sale

Concepts: Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Consumers, Scarcity, Trade & Money, Market, Price

A whole community of animals decides to hold a community yard sale to get rid of stuff (goods) they no longer want.

Young Thomas Edison

Concepts: Goods and Services, Income, Producer, Consumer, Entrepreneur

This book chronicles the boyhood life of famous inventor, Thomas Edison. Students learn how young Thomas fascination with all things mechanical and scientific led him to invent products that helped ordinary people live a better life.