Literature Connection

Blackberry Booties

Concepts: Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Trade & Money

Mikki Jo wants to make a special present for her new baby cousin. She trades the blackberries she picks for all the things needed to make a pair of booties.

Boom Town

Concepts: Supply & Demand, Productive Resources, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Trade & Money, Interdependence, Specialization, Producers, Consumers, Saving, Entrepreneur

After her family moves to California, where her father goes to work in the gold fields, Amanda decides to make her own fortune by baking pies. As the demand for more goods and services increases in the town, Amanda encourages others to start businesses of their own.

Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain

Concepts: Economic Wants, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Scarcity

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema Illustrated by Beatriz Vidal

This book tells the story of how a young boy, Ki-pat, brings the much needed rain to the dry Kapiti Plain.

Bunny Money

Concepts: Scarcity, Trade & Money, Economic Wants

Max and Ruby save birthday money to buy presents for their grandmother. However, they spend so much money on emergencies along the way they barely have enough left for gifts.

Captain Abdul's Pirate School

Concepts: Investing, Goods & Services, Opportunity Cost, Specialization

Pickle enjoys writing poems and painting pictures, but his dad wants to help him toughen up to raise his standard of living. His dad invests in his education at the Pirate School.

Cash, Credit Cards, or Checks

Concepts: Trade & Money, Opportunity Cost

This simple book teaches children the basics about how to pay for goods and services. Children learn about checks, credit cards, debit cards, and ATM’s. Teachers can also use the book to discuss wise purchasing decisions.

Charlie Needs A Cloak

Concepts: Human Resources, Productive Resources, Capital Resources, Natural Resources

Charlie is a shepherd, and everyone says he needs a cloak. He shears his sheep, cards and spins the wool, weaves and dyes the cloth, and sews a beautiful new red cloak.

Check It Out: The Book About Banking

Concepts: Saving

This book provides everything your students need to know about banking, including why people use banks, how interest works, ATM machines, savings and checking accounts, and credit cards. Students will learn many new vocabulary words and gain confidence in their ability to take advantage of what banks have to offer.

Chocolate: That's How They Make It!

Concepts: Productivity, Productive Resources, Goods & Services, Producers

The production of chocolate is explained from the special bean to the candy bar.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Concepts: Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Trade & Money

Click Clack Moo Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin pictures by Betsy Lewin

So you think you’ve got problems! What is Farmer Brown to do when he finds out that his cows are typing him messages announcing that they will no longer produce milk unless he gives them electric blankets? It gets even worse when the hens declare that they, too, need electric blankets – or Farmer Brown will get no eggs. In the end, even the ducks get involved in this humorous book for primary students.