Literature Connection

Crispin the Pig Who Had it All

Concepts: Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Scarcity

Crispin is the pig who has it all. He seems to have many wants. This year, Santa has left Crispin a mysterious box that promises to be the "very best thing in the whole wide world."

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

Concepts: Productivity, Capital Resources, Producers

Curious George and the man with the yellow hat stop at a chocolate factory store. George follows a tour group around the factory, and before you know it, he accidentally – and dramatically - speeds up the candy production. How will the extra candy come off the assembly line be handled? Curious George to the rescue! Use this humorous book to teach your students about productivity.

Dan's Pants: The Adventures of Dan, the Fabric Man

Concepts: Supply & Demand, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Specialization, Producers, Consumers, Entrepreneur

Dan sells a variety of fabrics to different fabric stores. His wife, Fran, begins to make pants for this very tall man to wear and show off the fabrics. People love seeing and feeling all the different fabrics, and Dan sells more and more.

Dreams Can Come True

Concepts: Goods and Services, Production, Capital Resources, Human Resources, Income, Entrepreneur, Profit

The Financial Fairy Tales are a series of stories to encourage young readers to learn about business basics and managing money. In Dreams Come True, Tom, the humble woodcutter’s son, has big dreams. With the help of his wise uncle, he puts those dreams into action, earning enough money through hard work and business acumen to win the Duke’s beautiful daughter’s hand in marriage

Erandi's Braids

Concepts: Opportunity Cost, Capital Resources, Scarcity

Erandi and her mother live in the Mexican village of Patzcuaro. They are poor and need money to purchase a new fishing net. Erandi also hopes that her mother will buy her a new dress for the upcoming fiesta. But what will they do for money? One option is to sell their hair to the hair buyer, who will use it for wigs, eyelashes, and fine embroidery. This would be shameful for Erandi and her mother. What will they do?

Estela's Swap

Concepts: Price, Market, Supply & Demand, Trade & Money

Estela is excited as she travels to the Swap Meet to sell her music box to earn money for dancing lessons. The unexpected happens as a wild wind sweeps away many goods of the vendors – including the paper flowers of a woman who very much likes Estela’s music box. What happens next? Will Estela sell the music box and earn enough money for her dancing lessons? In this story, Estela learns the joy of giving – and receiving.

Extra Cheese, Please

Concepts: Productive Resources, Goods & Services, Producers, Specialization

From a cow named Annabelle to pizza, this colorful book illustrates the fascinating process by which milk is processed into mozzarella cheese.

Farmer's Market

Concepts: Concepts: Market, Consumers, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Human Resources, Trade & Money, Natural Resources, Producers

Farmer's Market by Paul Brett Johnson

Laura lives on a farm and her family grows vegetables. They sell their produce at the farmer's market in a town in the summer.

Farming (America at Work Series)

Concepts: Producers

On a visit to her cousin Nicks farm in Ohio, Karin learns all about raising onions from spring planting to harvesting. Then, when Nick travels to Nebraska to help on Karin's family farm, he learns all about raising beef, from birthing new calves to the cattle drive to market. This book will teach students all the hard work it takes for producers to produce the products consumers want.

Forestry (America at Work Series)

Concepts: Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Productivity

When his favorite climbing tree dies, Cameron watches his Uncle Erik, a forester, cut it down. Cameron is curious and asks his Uncle questions about forestry. Uncle Erik tells Cameron all about the forest industry, from making logs and paper to ways that are used to protect the environment. This is a book loaded with information.