Literature Connection

General Store

Concepts: Goods & Services, Entrepreneur, Economic Wants

Some day a little girl is going to have a store of her own with real glass cases and wide counters and drawers where she can sell a little of everything. This is a simple book with poetic prose.

George Washington Carver

Concepts: Productive Resources, Human Resources, Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Consumers, Producers, Productivity, Supply and Demand, Entrepreneur

This interesting and inspiring book, complete with many original photographs, chronicles the life of George Washington Carver. Although born into slavery, by much study and hard work, in 1896 he became a professor at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, a fledgling school for black students. He did pioneering research for many years, especially on uses of soybeans and the peanut. He led a remarkable and fruitful life as a teacher, researcher, and provider of practical scientific knowledge to farmers.

Gettin' Through Thursday

Concepts: Scarcity, Economic Wants

Andre can’t stand Thursdays. Each week, that’s the day before his mother gets paid, and there is never enough money on hand. When his report card comes Andre knows he will make the honor roll – and that his mother has promised him a “royal party” on that very day. But problems arise when the report card arrives on Thursday – the day when the family has no money left! Will Andre get his party after all?

Goat in the Rug

Concepts: Productive Resources, Capital Resources, Human Resources, Natural Resources

Geraldine, a goat, lives on a Navajo Indian Reservation with her friend Glenmae. In this story, Geraldine tells a humorous story of how Glenmae, a Navajo weaver, changes her from a plain old goat to a rug.

Grandpa's Corner Store

Concepts: Interdependence, Human Resources, Producers, Consumers, Market, Goods & Services, Specialization

Grandfather's small grocery is threatened by the building of a new supermarket. With the help of his granddaughter, Lucy, and the neighborhood, Grandpa's store is saved.

Growing Vegetable Soup

Concepts: Natural Resources, Capital Resources, Human Resources, Productive Resources

A child and her father plant, water, weed, and pick vegetables to make soup.

How A Book Is Made

Concepts: Human Resources, Productive Resources, Capital Resources

It is not easy to make a book. Many people are involved in the production process before we can sit down and enjoy it. The author thinks and writes. Then the book goes to the many people who take part in producing it.

How A House Is Built

Concepts: Specialization, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Productive Resources

Follow the work of all the special workers as they build a house from start to finish - from designing the plans to landscaping the yard. What a lot of special skills are needed! This colorful book also shows pictures of houses from different places and eras.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Concepts: Economic Wants, Goods & Services , Consumers, Trade & Money, Price

A boy really wants a special dog in the pet store window, but he does not have enough money. He attempts to earn the money needed, but spends his own money on his family members instead. Luckily, his family surprises him with the dog as a gift.

How Santa Got His Job

Concepts: Human Resources

So how did Santa Claus get his job? Learn how in this humorous story that recounts all the jobs that Santa got – and then lost – that helped him acquire the skills he needed to be the Santa Claus that we all know today.