Literature Connection

Leah's Pony

Concepts: Price, Economic Wants, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Supply & Demand

This Depression Era story paints a realistic picture of the hard life of American farm families during the l930s. Leah decides to sell her beloved pony in order to raise enough money to help her family keep their farm. The day of the farm auction arrives - what will happen to all of Mama and Papa's prize possessions?

Lemonade For Sale

Concepts: Supply & Demand, Profit, Productive Resources

The members of the Elm Street Kid’s Club open a lemonade stand to earn money to build a new clubhouse. Business is brisk for a while, as shown by the children’s bar graphs. But in a few days, no one shows up to buy lemonade! What could be going wrong?

Letting Swift River Go

Concepts: Trade-Offs, Natural Resources, Scarcity, Capital Resources

Sally Jane began her life in one of the small towns along the Swift River. Because the city of Boston needed more water, the small rural towns were removed, the river was damned, and the Quabbin Reservoir was formed.

Little Nino's Pizzeria

Concepts: Entrepreneur, Producers, Consumers, Profit

Nino makes the best pizza in the world. His best helper is his son, Tony. Tony likes to help his father at their small family restaurant, but everything changes when Little Nino's becomes a fancier place. Nino learns an important lesson about being an entrepreneur and about happiness.

Loon Lake Fishing Derby

Concepts: Entrepreneur, Producers, Consumers, Market, Supply & Demand, Natural Resources

Wally recognizes a business opportunity when fishermen come to Loon Lake. When the worm business creates chaos in the community, Wally quickly takes another new idea and becomes a successful entrepreneur.

Lunch Money

Concepts: Economic Wants, Goods and Services, Productive Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Supply and Demand, Producers, Consumers, Trade and Money, Specialization, Productivity, Price, Profit, Banks and Credit Unions, Savings Account, Credit Card

Greg Kenton loved money – and he made a lot of it (for a kid) because he had a lot of entrepreneurial ideas and talent. One day he figured that he could make a lot of money selling things right in his own school. So he decided to produce and sell his own Chunky Comics, which turned out to be quite a hit. That is, until he ran into competition from a fellow student – and nemesis – Mura Shaw. The school principal also had issues with sanctioning school businesses, especially one that sold “low level” literature like comic books! This humorous, well-written story teaches many economic and business concepts and will keep your students interested with its fast moving plot.

Mailing May

Concepts: Opportunity Cost, Economic Wants, Goods & Services, Trade & Money, Scarcity, Consumers, Price

In 1914, May really wants to visit her grandmother. Her parents had promised her a trip, but the train ticket costs a full day's work. So her parents "mail" her there, and she rides through the Idaho mountains in the Postal car of the train!


Concepts: Saving, Scarcity, Price

A young Chinese girl sees the perfect Christmas gift for herself and her mother - a giant stuffed bear. Because it is too expensive, she decides to save up money and put it in her "money vase." She begins selling almond cookies, but still doesn't earn enough to purchase the bear. In the end her mother helps her to see a special gift that the young girl has always had.

Market Days

Concepts: Market, Goods & Services, Specialization

Markets are wonderful places for learning about the world. The author takes us to the markets in Hong Kong, Egypt, Senegal, India, Italy, and Mexico to see the fascinating goods that people like to buy and sell. Students learn about foods that may seem strange, but are very familiar in other places. Interesting recipes from around the world are also included.

Mel's Diner

Concepts: Entrepreneur, Goods & Services, Consumer

Mabel loves helping Mama and Pop run their diner. From morning to night, there's always something to do --- setting the table, greeting the guests, and listening to their jokes and stories. Mabel and her best friend, Rhonda, especially like to dance to the music of the jukebox. They dream that some day they will have a diner of their own. Till then, it's just another day at Mel's Diner.