Literature Connection

Milk From Cow To Carton

Concepts: Productive Resources, Capital Resources

Milk From Cow to Carton by Aliki Brandenberg

Milk comes from cows and other animals that eat grass. This interesting book explains how milk is produced, step by step - from cow to carton!

Mining (America at Work Series)

Concepts: Capital Resources, Human Resources, Productive Resources, Natural Resources

Hockey-playing twins Trish and Jamie learn all about the mining efforts it takes to produce the new skates they want for their upcoming tournament. Follow the twins as they go on a mining tour to learn how the steel for their new skates is made. This colorful, descriptive book also shows how companies deal with environmental concerns when mining for coal and oil.

Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble

Concepts: Author: Jane Drake with Ann Love Illustrator: Pat Cupples Published: 1997 Grade Level: 2 - 5 Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5 Publisher: Kids Can Press

Mr. Tanen, the school principal, loves ties so much that he has purchased almost a thousand of them! However, he faces a scarcity problem – there is not enough money in the school budget to purchase playground equipment. But Mr. Tanen has a plan. He donates his ties for a β€œtie auction!” All the money raised through the auction will go towards purchasing the playground equipment. In the end, Mr. Tanen learns that his giving has not only been a blessing to the school, but to him as well.

My Dad's Job

Concepts: Specialization, Market, Human Resources

A young boys imagination takes over as he hears his father talk about his job as a stock market analyst.

My Father's Luncheonette

Concepts: Producers, Goods & Services, Consumers

A little girl goes every day to her father's luncheonette. While her father flips burgers, fizzes sodas, and scoops ice cream, she plays the jukebox or spins on a counter stool. The hour's whirl by, from the lunch crunch to lights out at closing time.

My New York

Concepts: Goods & Services

Identify public goods and services as you take a tour of the sites and sounds of New York City – from the towering Empire State Building to Central Park and the Sixth Avenue Flea Market. The artwork by author Kathy Jacobsen is especially striking, with a color fold out pages of key sites.

My Rows and Piles of Coins

Concepts: Investing, Market, Goods & Services, Opportunity Cost, Trade & Money, Capital Resources

Saruni empties his secret money box and arranges the coins into piles and the piles into rows. He is saving to invest in something special. How happy and proud he will be when he can help his mother carry heavy goods to market on his very own bicycle!

My Town

Concepts: Goods & Services, Specialization, Interdependence

Chip is having trouble deciding on a topic for a school report. After seeking advice from many community workers, he decided to make a photo report of his town.

Once Upon a Company...A True Story

Concepts: Investing, Entrepreneur, Producers, Saving, Productive Resources, Productivity, Profit

A young boy and his two sisters started a wreath-making business and a peanut butter and jelly lemonade stand to make money for college. As the companies and the profits grew, they became experienced in marketing, wholesaling, employing salespeople, and investing.

Once Upon a Dime: A Math Adventure

Concepts: Trade & Money, Goods & Services, Productivity

Farmer Worth discovers that his farm now produces a new variety of crop - money! By carefully using different kinds of animal manure, he grows different kinds of money crops. What kind of farming is this? How much money can he grow?