Literature Connection

One Grain of Rice

Concepts: Scarcity, Economic Wants, Producers, Price, Supply & Demand

A Raja in India decrees that the rice farmers in his province must give him nearly all their rice to store for himself. After a bad growing season, the Raja continues to demand the rice, and the people are faced with a severe scarcity problem - famine. Luckily, a young maiden develops a plan to get the rice back from the Raja.

One Hen

Concepts: Saving, Investing, Opportunity Cost, Capital Resources, Entrepreneur, Profit

Kojo lives with his mother in a small town in Ghana. One day he purchases one brown hen with the savings he and his mother earned from selling firewood in the market. He begins to sell eggs in the market and watches his business grow. Kojo earns enough to pay for school and eventually finishes college. He then convinces a bank to give him a much larger loan to start an egg farm, which grows to be the biggest in West Africa. Based on a true story, One Hen is an inspiring story about the start of one small business and how it ended up helping hundreds of people improve their lives.

Ox-Cart Man

Concepts: Consumers, Producers, Goods & Services, Market, Human Resources, Capital Resources, Natural Resources

The ox-cart man, his wife, his daughter, and his son worked all year to gather, grow, and make goods to sell at the market. The man used the money he made to purchase things they needed.

Pancakes, Pancakes!

Concepts: Productive Resources, Economic Wants, Natural Resources, Human Resources, Capital Resources

A boy named Jack wakes up hungry for an enormous pancake breakfast. But before he can enjoy his breakfast, he must first spend time and energy gathering all the resources and ingredients that he needs to make pancakes.


Concepts: Supply & Demand, Price, Profit

Willie Brinkman is proud to be helping his family with the money he earns as a paperboy during the late 1920's. Times are hard, so when the big heavyweight bout between Jack Dempsey and "Gentleman Gene" Tunney is announced, Willie hopes to earn more money by signing up to sell the "Extra Edition" describing the fight. Dempsey is the workingman's hero, and when he loses the fight in a disputed decision, Willie finds out that it isn't easy to sell papers to his working class customers!

Paying Taxes

Concepts: Consumers, Goods & Services (especially government services)

This book is an excellent primer on taxes for young people. The many topics covered include why people pay taxes, kinds of taxes, how taxes are spent, and what makes a good tax.

Peppe The Lamplighter

Concepts: Income, Goods and Services, Supply and Demand, Human Resources, Specialization, Interdpendence

Peppe is part of an immigrant Italian family in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. His mother has died and his father is sick, so he must look for work. He is excited when he finally finds a job as a lamplighter, but his father, thinking it too demeaning, shames him about it. Peppe soon learns that his job is more important than he – or his father – thinks.

Pig And Crow

Concepts: Trade & Money, Goods & Services

A crafty crow offers to trade magic seeds, a magic worm, and a magic egg to Pig in exchange for the baked goodies he has produced. At first, Pig is not sure he has made a wise trade, but finds out in the end that he has.

Pigs Go To Market

Concepts: Goods & Services, Economic Wants, Scarcity, Producers, Consumers, Market

Mrs. Pig and her family go to the supermarket to purchase Halloween candy for the party. Luckily, Mrs. Pig was awarded a five-minute shopping spree and could purchase a variety of goods.

Pigs Will Be Pigs

Concepts: Trade & Money, Goods & Services

This story is about a pig family adventure. Amy and her family are in the car, ready to go out and grab a snack. When they realize they are short on cash, they decide to return to the house to hunt for money. Using the money they find, the family has a special meal at their favorite restaurant.