Loon Lake Fishing Derby

Wally recognizes a business opportunity when fishermen come to Loon Lake. When the worm business creates chaos in the community, Wally quickly takes another new idea and becomes a successful entrepreneur.

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Comprehension Questions

What idea did Wally use in the beginning of the story to create a successful business?

Sell worms for the fishing derby.

Identify the problems created by so much competition among the worm sellers.

The worm sellers got upset with each other for taking worms from each other; digging for worms destroyed all the flower gardens, vegetable garden, and lawns; the worm sellers ran out of worms.

Explain how Wally turned the problems into an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

He offered a prize - a slice of watermelon - to the hot and tired fisherman for turning in worms.

Describe how Wally was able to get enough watermelons.

The people in the town traded watermelons to Wally in exchange for the worms to put back in their gardens.

How was Wally rewarded for his great business idea for the community?

He was awarded the prizes from the fishing derby for turning the Loon Lake Fishing Derby into the World's First Worm Derby.

Author: Kathleen Cook Waldron

Illustrator: Dean Griffiths

Reading Level: .5

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers