My Town

Chip is having trouble deciding on a topic for a school report. After seeking advice from many community workers, he decided to make a photo report of his town.

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Comprehension Questions

Identify the community workers in the story who provide a service. Describe the service provided by each.

Answers may vary:

  • school bus driver - drives students to school
  • teacher - teaches lessons
  • librarian - helps locate books
  • coach - motivates students
  • art teacher - teaches creative ideas
  • police officer - keeps the community safe
  • photo store owner - sells photo goods
  • mail carrier - delivers mail
  • fire chief - puts out fires
  • auto mechanic - repairs cars
  • construction foreman - organizes building projects
  • beautician - cuts and styles hair
  • grocery clerk - stocks shelves
  • cashier - totals purchases
  • doctor - helps people get well

In the story, which services are provided by government? By private businesses?

Government - bus driver, teacher, librarian, coach, art teacher, police officer, mail carrier, fireman; Private - auto mechanic, beautician, photographer, cashier, doctor.

Identify two community workers who sell goods.

Answers may vary - supermarket clerk, photo store owner, etc.

What do community workers receive for their work?

Income (wage or salary), money they use to provide for themselves and their families.

How do community workers get the skills and knowledge to do their jobs?

Through education and training.

Author: William Wegman
Published: 1998
Grade Level: PreK - 3
Publisher: Hyperion Books