Pigs Will Be Pigs

This story is about a pig family adventure. Amy and her family are in the car, ready to go out and grab a snack. When they realize they are short on cash, they decide to return to the house to hunt for money. Using the money they find, the family has a special meal at their favorite restaurant.

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Comprehension Questions

What was the pigs' problem?

They were hungry and there was no more food in the refrigerator. They didn't have enough money on hand to eat out.

How do people typically get money?

They work to provide a good or service. For their work they receive income that they can spend to purchase goods and services.

How did the pig family solve their problem?

They hunted for money in the house.

How much money did they find?


Why is money useful to people?

It helps people to exchange/trade goods and services. Without money people would have to barter, and that is much more difficult.

What did the pigs purchase with the money that they found in the house?

They purchased four "special" meals, each at a price of $7.55.

Would they have been able to order five special meals?

No. They didn't have enough money for five special meals since they only had $34.67. The five meals would have cost $39.95.

Is money the same in other countries?

Money serves the same function in all countries, but different countries have their own money - francs, pesos, rubles, etc.

Author: Amy Axelrod

Illustrator: Sharon McGinly-Nally

Published: 1994

Reading Level: 3.1

Grade Level: K-3

Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5

Lexile Measure: 490L

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Aladdin