Something Special for Me

Rosa's mother and grandmother decide to let her shop for her own birthday present from the jar of money they had saved. Rosa had trouble deciding what to buy until she heard some accordion music.

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Comprehension Questions

What is a consumer?

A consumer is someone who buys a good or service.

Explain how Rosa became a consumer.

Her mom and grandma gave her the money saved in the jar to buy her own birthday present.

Describe Rosa's experience as a consumer.

She went to the skate store, department store, and outdoors store, but she didn't purchase anything. She and her mother bought a treat at the Blue Tile Diner. Finally, she bought herself a present at the music store.

Explain why Rosa got that "funny feeling" and didn't buy the things at the first three stores.

Although she really liked the items, she didn't feel they were good enough for her to spend all the money from the jar. She had a limited amount of money (it was scarce) and couldn't buy everything, so she wanted to wait for the perfect thing.

Explain how she finally satisfied her economic want?

She bought an accordion to play beautiful music like the one the man played the day she shopped with her mother.

Did Rosa purchase a good or service?

A good.

Author: Vera B. Williams
Published: 1983
Reading Level: 3.7
Grade Level: Pre K-3
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Greenwillow