The Bootmaker and the Elves

A retelling, set in the Old West, of the traditional story about two elves that help a poor bootmaker and his wife.

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Comprehension Questions

Explain why the bootmaker was not producing many boots?

His boots were just plain ugly, and they pinched so no one would buy them.

Describe how the first magic boots looked.

Tall, shiny, black as midnight, perfect stitches, decorated with stars, roses, and a lucky horseshoe.

Who helped the bootmaker increase his productivity?

The cute little elves.

Explain how the bootmaker and his wife repaid the elves for their productivity?

The bootmaker made them itty-bitty boots, and his wife sewed each of them a new outfit.

How was the bootmaker's skill changed by the productivity of the elves?

He thought up new designs and new types of leather to use.

Author: Susan Lowell
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Orchard Books