The Furry News: How to Make a Newspaper

Big Bear, Rabbit, and other animals work hard to produce a newspaper for their own neighborhood. They divide up the labor to write, edit, and print a variety of stories.

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Comprehension Questions

Identify the economic want of this neighborhood in the beginning of the story.

A newspaper of their own.

When you purchase a newspaper are you purchasing a good or a service?


Describe how Big Bear divided the labor to produce the newspaper.

Big Bear assigned himself the job of a publisher and gave each animal a job.

Describe the responsibility of each job (human resource).

news editors: decide which news stories to put in the newspaper, hand out assignments to the news reporters, edit articles, write exciting headlines, write editorials.

news reporters: make phone calls, ask questions, take photographs, write articles

features editors: same as news editors but focus on anything in the paper other than news or advertising

feature articles reporters: write articles about movies, television, books, etc.

production department workers: do paste-up, printing

circulation department workers: sell and deliver newspapers

advertising department workers: sell advertisements

What are capital resources needed to perform each job?

Answers may vary pens, pencils, telephone, camera, computer, typewriter, printer.

Explain the advantages of dividing the labor.

It helped to increase the productivity of the newspaper. That is, they could produce more newspapers each day.

How did the animals fund the production of the newspaper?

Money was earned by selling space for advertisements in the newspaper and by selling the papers.

Author: Loreen Leedy
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Holiday House