Walter the Baker

Walter is a famous baker who makes good things to eat. He solves a problem and invents a roll that the sun can shine through three times. The people are happy to have the baker and something new and wonderful.

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Comprehension Questions

How did Walter use his own human resources?

Walter baked bread, rolls, cookies, tarts, and pies.

How did Ann use her human resources?

Ann sold the baked goods that Walter made.

How did Walter Jr. use his human resources?

Walter Jr. delivered the baked goods that Walter made and Ann sold.

Identify the economic problem Walter had when his cat turned over the milk.

Walter had no milk to make the rolls.

Explain why the Duke and Duchess threatened to make Walter leave the town of Duchy.

They did not like the taste of rolls made with water instead of milk.

Describe the type of worker Walter was.

Hard-working, creative, persistent, kind, generous.

List the ways the pretzel was different from the sweet roll that Walter had always made.

The pretzel was made with water, had holes, and tasted salty and crisp.

How was the Duchy improved by Walter's invention?

The Duchy was able to keep their baker and a new product.

Author: Eric Carle
Published: 1995
Grade Level: 2 and under
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Aladdin