Welcome to Our Farm

Bethany and Michael take you on a tour of their pig farm to show you how the pigs are raised before they are sent to market.

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Comprehension Questions

Why did Bethany, Michael, and their parents raise pigs?

They raised pigs for sale. They were producers. They hoped to make a profit by selling pigs.

Pig producers take care of their animals. How do they do this?

They feed the pig with corn and soybeans and drinking water. They keep the pigs in buildings when it is cold and even provide a big heater to keep the pigs warm in winter. During the summer, they use fans or water sprinklers to keep the pigs cool.

List some of the natural and capital resources it takes to produce pigs.

The natural resources include soil, sun, and water to grow corn, and soybeans to feed the pigs. The capital resources are the buildings, heater, fans, and water sprinklers.

What is a market?

A market is where the consumers and producers interact. Markets are where prices are determined.

When do producers send the pigs to market?

By the time the pigs weigh about 250 pounds, the producers send their product to market.

Author: National Pork Producers Council