Worm Gets a Job

Worm learns about an upcoming art contest that he is sure he can win. But he must earn some money quickly so he can buy a paint set! What can he do? Follow Worms adventures as he tries babysitting, housecleaning, delivering newspapers, and painting signs. In the end, worm learns what he does best to earn a living in his animal community.

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Comprehension Questions

Why did Worm need to earn money?

He wanted money to buy a deluxe paint set so he could enter an art contest. People need money to purchase goods and services. Goods and services are considered scare and they have a price in the marketplace.

How do people normally earn money?

People normally work to earn money. (Sometimes they get money as a gift, inherit it, etc.)

Did Worm want to work?

Yes! To his credit, he really wanted to work to earn his money.

What jobs did Worm try?

Taking care of Rats baby, cleaning Stinky's house, delivering newspapers for Turtle, painting signs for Frog.

Was Worm successful at these jobs? Why not?

No! Worm lacked the special skills and abilities he needed to be successful at these jobs.

How do people usually get the special skills and abilities they need to do their jobs?

Education and training, apprenticeships, internships, etc.

Does it take money to develop special skills and abilities?

Usually, yes! In real life, even though people have innate skills and abilities, they have to cultivate and improve these skills through education, training, and practice and this often takes money. Investment in education and training to improve one's skills (i.e. human capital) is a real investment. In the story, Worm already had excellent artistic skills, but one can surmise that he had practiced or had been taught these skills by someone.

What special skills and abilities did Worm have?

He was excellent at painting and was very successful painting and selling his artwork.

How does a community benefit when people specialize in certain jobs?

People are much more productive when they do jobs that they enjoy and are good at doing. This results in more goods and services being produced for everyone in the community.

What job do you want to specialize in when you grow up? What education and training will it take to learn how to do your job?

Answers will vary. Point out that people who are highly specialized and skilled are usually in good demand in the economy. These types of workers are more scarce and therefore usually have very good wages.

Author: Kathy Caple
Published: 2004
Grade Level: K-3
Accelerated Reader Level/Points: .5
Publisher: Candlewick